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The REMOTE WORK Search is On!

The REMOTE WORK Search is On!

Now I am determined! I decided to do deferred retirement! What this means is that I will not start getting my pension checks until I am of official retirement age. Please do not take this as legal or financial advice. I am simply documenting my personal journey from a transitioning teacher to online entrepreneur. Believe me, there was very careful thought and discussions with my husband prior to making this decision. There were family members-in-need issues involved as well that started my decision-making process to leave the classroom. I wanted, no, I needed, more free time with them without the worry of lesson plans, assessments to grade, the endless inbox of teacher things to do, etc.! The struggle was real. I thoroughly enjoyed being with my students every day, but I needed more free time without the “teacher” worries. This decision did not come lightly.

Fast forward. With financial decisions in place, in other words, can we make it on a budget that is half of what we are used to having, we decided to take the leap!


Where to begin?

I didn’t quit living! I only decided to start a new chapter in my life. Leaving the physical classroom and all the work that was involved, allowed me to search within myself for the “What’s next?” in my life.

After listening to Dean Holland’s book, “The Iceberg Effect”, I decided to start my search for my next employment opportunity.

Of course, I started with Google. How to make money online, Remote teacher jobs, Work for transitioning teachers, and Online business opportunities, were just a few of my searches.

Having found my WHY, an activity previously mentioned, I knew that I wanted to work from home!


So many choices!

I started my next employment search with websites such as LinkedIn. I looked for REMOTE work in my field of education. I also looked for REMOTE work with sewing, as this is a hobby of mine. I continue to get notifications, but this also got me thinking long-term.

Could I possibly find a work-from-home job where I am my own boss?

The answer is a definite, OF COURSE! These days, anything is possible if you have the desire to put in the effort!

My search went from math education-minded positions to what I would really like to learn and do for this next phase of my life.

I started following transitioning teachers on social media and continued my searches on the internet to find the right fit for me.

I went back to Google searching. Wow! E-commerce Stores, Subscription-based Businesses, Digital Products, Services, Affiliate Marketing, Freelance, Consulting and Coaching, Social Media Influencers…and the list goes on!


Learning to Create and Prosper with an Online Business!

Searching to find my true WHY and reflecting on my dreams for my future, I decided to purchase a learning program called the Quick Start Challenge. It was very reasonably priced. As a math teacher, wife, and mom of 4, I have always weighed my purchases with a financial exchange balance system in my head! For instance, at the time, my reasoning was that if I purchased this course, I would only have to give up about 4 – 5  nights of takeout dinners for my family.

Ha! So be It!

This program was the jumpstart that I needed! I learned hands-on the structure to laying a strong foundation for an online business! This program, although geared toward Affiliate Marketing in mind, teaches the Four Core Areas of Focus for ANY business: Traffic (our audience), Capture, Follow-Up, and Sales.

Funny thing is…

As I proceeded through this program, I started to reflect how this core focus is also present in the field of education. As a teacher, we are in the classroom with students every day. It is our inspiration that captures their attention to try the lessons at hand. Then, we offer guidance from their initial work in the hopes that they will be successful on their learning path and for them to be engaged in future activities!

A different professional direction and resources, but still a sense of familiarity! This lends the feeling of “I CAN do this!”


In Conclusion

Whether you decide to do remote work for a company or you take the leap to start a business of your own, you have a unique journey ahead of you if you are willing to put in consistent effort to make your dream life come true!

There are many opportunities for creating and prospering with an online business! Through Google searches, you will see that the possibilities are endless!

Stay focused on your WHY as you continue your search. Keep learning! Keep believing! Dare to dream it, then work to achieve it!

How are the Core Areas of Focus reflected in your profession?

Please leave a comment below. I’d love to hear from you.

All the best,

Milissa Neirotti

20 thoughts on “The REMOTE WORK Search is On!”

  1. Hi Milissa,
    I can relate to your change. It can be challenging but if money is managed properly we can live on less than we think. I had to resign from my field because the stress was hurting me. Been on a sick benefit as I figure out another option which is affiliate marketing. But may have to do a part-time when benefit ends along with affiliate marketing for now. We don’t always know how it’s going to play out but if we keep to it the. it will come together! All the best! Look forward to your success and future posts.
    Denny Medeiros recently posted…Now That’s an Explosive Start 🤯My Profile

    1. Hi Denny!
      Thank you for your personal insight and relatable comment. I truly believe that there is hope for both of us to achieve our goals. I look forward to our future communications!
      All the best!
      Milissa Neirotti

  2. Hi Melissa, I’m a teacher as well. I teach adults and am actually quite happy with my work, but my longing to have the freedom to decide when and where to work and having time for my grandkids, my horses and my dogs is pushing me to find a solution online. Very inspired by your post!
    Katrin recently posted…My Line in the Sand – Time to Be MeMy Profile

    1. Hi Katrin!
      It is nice to hear from a teacher! I was very happy with all the experiences I had in the classroom over the years. I wish I had started this online business journey prior to my retirement – Spoiler…future blog post idea. I encourage teachers to find a side business while actively teaching. These are words of wisdom from someone who waited. I look forward to our future conversations!
      All the best!
      Milissa Neirotti

  3. Melissa, great post, and congratuçlations on making the step into online marketing.

    I am on the same journey as are two of my children, looking to earn an extra income.

    One of my daughters uses a platform you might be interested in taking a look at, its called Teachers Pay Teachers, and it allows teachers to upload educational material that others can buy and use.

    I do not want to distract you from your main focus of affiliate marketing, but this might prove to be an extra income stream. After a year of plugging away, my daughter is now making 3 to 5 sales a day. (she messages me every day with the total, and it has been a thrill to see it go from 0 to one or two a month, to one or two a week, and now daily!)

    All the best

    1. Hi Tony!
      Thank you for your positive comment and insight into other remote work options! I appreciate your sincerity.
      This is a fabulous #win for your daughter with TPT! Please tell her congratulations on the developments!
      As I mentioned in a previous reply to Katrin, I wish I had started this online business journey before my retirement – Spoiler…future blog post idea. I encourage teachers to find a side business while actively teaching. These are words of wisdom from someone who waited.
      Let’s stay in touch!
      All the best!
      Milissa Neirotti

  4. I applaud you for your courage.

    It is not an easy decision to have your budget cut by half, though I do understand that in order to achieve your goal, some sacrifice is necessary.

    I believe with consistent effort, you will achieve your goal soon.

  5. Well stated, Milissa – I love how you put things together here. You’re a great writer! But, then again, you were a teacher for quite some time, I imagine…

    Your skill at writing will be your strongest suit going forward, as people love story. I look forward to hearing more from you!

  6. Milissa,

    Taking time and looking at all your options before deciding on affiliate marketing was wise. When entering different stages in life we often find ourselves pondering what is next.

    I am glad found a good fit in affiliate marketing.

    I am also glad you have taken the time to nail down your “WHY”. I can never express how important knowing your “WHY” is. It is what a rudder is to a ship. It helps us stay on track. If you haven’t done it yet, I’d recommend hanging your “WHY” up in a few places for you to see on a regular basis.

    You Got This!!!

  7. Milissa, you post is very motivational to those of us thinking about making a change. I too was inspired by Deans book, the Iceberg effect. After reading and getting a grap on the 4 core areas, I realized that they are present in most areas and not only in Affiliate Marketing. We can take these and apply them to all areas of our business plans to achieve success. I’m excited about the future ahead for us both. Here is to 2024!
    David Roper recently posted…You Can Judge a Cover By The Book…My Profile

  8. I like your determination Milissa.
    You burned that bridge so there is no way back.
    The Internet is full of opportunities. But deep due diligence is a must. It is easy to be scammed. But with a proper education and guidance from an experienced marketer you can trust, you will be on the right path. I heard a lot of positive comments about The Quick Start Challenge. With your strong reason why you do it, obviously You Can!
    Stay positive!

  9. Milissa, great post thank you. I like how you have made the jump and decided that teaching is now done and you are now on the road to Affiliate Marketing. Your blogs are clear and easy to follow. You have great information and advice and insights like the QSC. I look forward to the next blog, thank you and take care. PS my wife is an assistant head teacher and she is stretched. My aim is to retire her within 2 years. Thanks, Atif
    Atif Perwiz recently posted…Affiliate what? Planting my flag (or is it a seedling)My Profile

  10. Milissa, big congrats on your deferred retirement! Putting family first is always the way to go and finding options to work from home and be your own boss is fantastic. I’m confident that with your dedication, you’ll rock it in affiliate marketing! Best of luck on this exciting journey! 🎉
    Sherri S Pulcino recently posted…Progress Is Happening!My Profile

  11. I have never thought of the four core areas, and how they can pertain to other areas outside of affiliate marketing. I, too, am on a journey to work from home, 100% remote, and be my own boss! This post really made me think about how I could apply these four core areas to my other business and how they reflect in my profession. Thank you for this post! It is really thought-provoking!

  12. Congratulations on your transition! That is a huge step. I bet you’ll miss your students, but as you say, you’ll inspire others in your online business just as you did in the classroom. I don’t know that my call center job has anything to do with the four core areas, but my affiliate business has definitely taken a teaching focus. I hope to inspire others and watch them build their businesses with me. Definitely, cheers to a new phase in your life. I wish you all the best!
    Nakina Lawson recently posted…Quarterly Planning Gave Me The “Oomph!” I NeedMy Profile

  13. The possibilities are definitely endless. The thing I’ve learned is that the key to success is not giving up. Too often in the past, I’ve expected success to come quickly, and when it didn’t I gave up, and moved on to the next thing – I was thinking it was the thing I was doing, and I just needed to find the right thing. Now there are a few things I’ve tried that weren’t good ideas, but most of them if I had just kept working, my work would have paid off.

    So I completely agree, “if you are willing to put in consistent effort to make your dream life come true!”

  14. Milissa, Great post and I really like your website design! I also like the wording of Remote vs work from home, as I tried to work from home for a while several years ago and just couldn’t handle the temptation of home stuff instead of my work. Keep pushing forward and you will amaze us all with your outcomes! Looking forward to watching your journey in 2024!
    Ken McGarvey recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  15. Hi Melissa,
    Thank you for sharing your story. What I have learned in the last three months, especially after discovering this business opportunity, is that there are many people out there with a financial situation similar to ours. It’s not that we haven’t done our best; no, it’s not that. What I have discovered is that the system in which we have been raised and developed has trained us to fulfill a labor function. This same system met our professional expectations, covered our monthly commitments, and made us feel satisfied with the results of our efforts. However, the truth is that all of us have unfulfilled deep desires that we haven’t been able to obtain. So, if we want to achieve different results, we need to make decisions that are sometimes uncomfortable but worthwhile. I congratulate you on the decision to venture into the world of affiliate marketing, and I wish you all the best.

  16. Hi Milissa.
    We’re on a similar journey. Whilst some tell me I should be thinking a about taking it easy I’m actually not ready for pipe & slippers (or whatever). Lots to learn and lots of living to do and I started to look at building an online business as a new challenge.
    I look forward to checking in on your progress,

  17. Hey Milissa,
    Couldn’t believe how similar of a journey we have been on! I have been in the field of education for over 29 years… wow! Time flies! Anyways, I now work only part-time and this allows me to also build an online business.
    Going through what the online world has to offer can sure seems to be overwhelming and until one finds what resonates with them, the search is on!
    The link between the 4 Core Areas of Focus for ANY business: Traffic (our audience), Capture, Follow-Up, and Sales can be applied in a lot of profession and definitively in education. I myself realized that when I was in administation, when the time for registration came, that was a very similar process that we went through. Except instead of money, we would end up with one more registration!
    Best wishes on your journey!
    Brigitte Bergeron recently posted…Importance of PlanningMy Profile

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